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Babies and children have a higher energy requirements for their size, compared to adults because they are rapidly growing and developing. If these energy and nutrient demands are not being met they can become underweight. If a baby or child is underweight for a long period of time it can cause many serious consequences such as failure to thrive, faltering growth and developmental delay. You may have been told that your baby or child is underweight and you are struggling on how to help them gain weight or you have tried various methods and it has not worked, we can help at Kids Feeding Team.

Our dietitian can help assess your baby or child’s dietary intake, monitor their growth, encourage weight gain and reduce their risk of developmental delay and other consequences that malnutrition can cause. If you would like to speak to a member of our team please contact us.

What are the outcomes of being underweight?

There are many long term and short term symptoms of your baby or child being underweight, such as:

If your baby or child has one or more of these symptoms described or they are underweight and you feel like you need further support with their diet, we can help. To talk to one of our team please contact us.

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What are the causes of being underweight?

There are many possible causes for your baby or child being underweight such as inadequate intake, a period of rapid growth, delayed weaning, poor oral intake or fussy eating, picky eating or food aversions. Our team can assess your baby or child and give a treatment plan to increase their nutritional status, encourage weight gain and help implement a healthy relationship with food.

What do you assess for being underweight?

Our team of experienced paediatric dietitians will assess your baby or child’s dietary intake, activity level, measure their height, growth and weight and then give them a treatment plan to encourage weight gain. Our dietitians will closely monitor your baby or child to ensure they develop and grow to reach their optimal potential. If your baby or child is underweight is it likely they are not consuming a healthy balanced diet with the energy and nutrients they need to grow and develop; our dietitians will assess their intake and identify the nutritional deficiencies they may have to give an appropriate and focussed treatment plan.

What is the treatment for being underweight?

Our treatment plan will be individualised and specific to your baby or child’s weight goals. Our dietitians will provide an evidence based treatment plan to ensure your baby or child reaches their full weight and growth potential. Our dietitians will also educate you on growth charts and plot your baby and child to show their pattern of growth and the weight they should be aiming to achieve.

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It can be very worrying if your baby or child is underweight and you are struggling with how to encourage weight gain. If your baby or child is underweight and you would like help from our specialist dietitians please contact us.

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