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School Services

We provide a range of services to schools. These range from the assessment of an individual student you are particularly concerned about, for example a child that is overweight, underweight or a particularly fussy eaters that regularly does not eat there school dinners, to group education sessions on the topic of your concern for example healthy eating or exercise.

We could also help and support you and your school in achieving a healthier diet and lifestyle for the school as a whole. This could involve the nutritional analysis of school menus and providing advice and support to the school in ensuring these are balanced and meeting all the children's nutritional needs or implementing healthy eating and exercise guidelines for the school as a whole.

We provide services for schools in three ways:

  1. Consultancy and training

We provide guidance and advice on a whole school basis. This could be through education and knowledge in the canteen, involving teachers, pupils, canteen staff or everyone. We also support schools in policy making for allergies and can visit to give information during PSHE lessons.

  1. Group work

We are able to provide services for nutrition issues identified by schools or we can provide screening services to identify any nutrition issues students may be facing. From this we can provide sessions based on education, which could also involve parent training.

  1. Special assessment / intervention

We are able to assess and provide one to one specialist interventions and strategies for an individual basis that may involve topics such as allergy. This may also involve a Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) for in individual with special educational complex needs, putting into place statutory provision to meet the child's needs.

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We are able to provide these services on an ongoing basis, part of a school commissioning service or less frequently, when necessary. If you require a service that is not listed above please contact us with your enquiry as we are always looking to develop our services further.

If you feel your school would benefit from any of the above services or if you have any other nutritional concerns you believe we could help with then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Next Steps

To speak to us about any of the treatments we provide please email call 0161 820 8262.

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