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You may have been told that your child is overweight or obese. It can be extremely difficult to see as a parent that your child is overweight and even more so to try and withhold further weight gain once they are in a cycle of weight gain.

If you're struggling to manage your child’s weight, our specialist dietetic team can help. To speak to a member of our team please contact us.

What are the outcomes of being overweight or obese as a child?

There are many negative side effects to being overweight or obese as a child. Developing healthy lifestyle habits within your baby or child will set them up for life and reduce their risk of being overweight or obese as an adult. You may think your child will grow out of being overweight and it's just ‘puppy fat’ but statistics show that children who are overweight or obese are more likely to continue this trend as an adult, when it is a lot harder to lose and they are more at risk of obesity related disease. Here are some outcomes of childhood overweight or obesity:

To talk to our dietitians to see if they can help with your child’s weight management please contact us.

What are the causes of overweight and obesity in children?

Weight gain is caused by a calorie intake which exceeds calorie output and it is generally caused by a diet which is high in energy but low in nutrients. Your child may not have a taste for healthier foods, they have a low physical activity level or you are unsure why they keep gaining weight. Our dietitians can help your child develop a healthier relationship with food and encourage healthy eating behaviours to ensure they are consuming adequate micronutrients and managing their weight.

What do you assess for children who are overweight or obese?

Our dietitians will assess your child’s dietary intake, weight, height, growth and physical activity level to assess their risk of nutritional deficiencies, their food likes and dislikes and help them provide an individualised plan that works for you and your family. Our dietitians will set weight goals based on their assessment to ensure you and your child can see the progress they are making. As assessment for their motivation to lose weight will be taken into account to determine if they are ready to make the changes necessary for weight management. Our aim at the Kids Feeding Team is to develop healthy eating behaviours within your child and the weight loss will follow.

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What is the treatment for children who are overweight or obese?

Our treatment plan will be individualised and based on the information we gather from our assessment. Every child is different and each have their own struggles with weight or food. We will develop a plan to encourage a healthy relationship with food and develop healthy lifestyle habits and cooking methods to facilitate weight management. Our dietitian's will monitor your child’s growth and height very carefully to ensure they are growing in height to their full potential and are consuming a diet in adequate vitamins and minerals. At the Kids Feeding Team, we will educate you and your family on healthier foods and alternatives so your child does not feel like they are missing out on yummy food.


If your child is overweight or obese and you are struggling to management their weight, our experienced paediatric dietitians can help you. To book an assessment please contact us.

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