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One to one therapy

In the first consultation, we will go through a full nutritional assessment, including weight, length, feeding history and any symptoms your baby or child may be experiencing. This is so we can analyse patterns and connections and help you understand why issues may be happening and how they may have developed.

We then provide each baby or child with an individualised plan and written information and a simple hand written summary report on the assessment. This may include diet, baby formulas, supplements, mealtime or exercise advice.

Depending on your baby or child’s presentation they may only require a one off assessment, but some children will benefit from therapy input or a review. This will be to monitor how the baby or child responds to the tailored feeding plan and adapt recommendations as indicated. We assess each child on an individual basis.

As part of our multidisciplinary approach, one to one therapy may include:

Food labeling education in your local supermarket

You can use this time to show up what your usual food shop is and ask us any food or nutrition related questions you may have. We can also give you advice on family friendly nutritious recipes and how to save money on your overall food shop.

Messy food play session where we aim to introduce your child to new healthy flavours and foods

Messy food play has been shown to help encourage babies and children try a wide range of foods, textures and flavours that that will carry on to adulthood. This encourage them to have a healthy relationship with food; not only does this make mealtimes a lot easier but also provides them with a healthier balanced diet full of energy, vitamins and nutrients that they need to grow and develop.

Education regarding shopping for food allergies on a budget, session in your local supermarket

Our team are happy to visit you in your home and/or local supermarket to give you hands-on practical advice when shopping for babies and children whilst on a budget. This can relieve the stress of shopping by educating you on what to look for and what to incorporate in a healthy balanced meal. A child with an allergy can sometimes end up cutting out entire food groups due to fear or not knowing what vitamins and minerals they need to grow and develop adequately. Our dietitian will assess this and ensure they are getting everything they need.

Weaning workshops

Our weaning workshops offer one-to-one weaning advice for your baby by a specialist paediatric dietitian. This will include recipes, food and meal ideas which are bespoke and tailored to your family’s lifestyle.

If you feel you and your baby or child would benefit from one of the above session please do not hesitate to get in touch on or call 0161 820 8262.

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To refer a child to our services this can be done online, or by calling 0161 820 8262 or emailing office@kids

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