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Toddler diarrhoea

Toddler diarrhoea is the main cause of persistent diarrhoea in childhood and it can affect ages from 6 months to 5 years of age. Toddler diarrhoea is usually chronic and nonspecific and can be defined as when a child passes 3-10 loose stools per day. It can be very distressing as a parent when their baby or child has diarrhoea and lead to the exclusion of foods which are thought to be causing an intolerance or allergy, leading to a unnecessary restrictive diet.

If you baby or child has recurrent toddler diarrhoea and you think it is related to their diet, our feeding team can help. To see if we can help please contact us.

What are the symptoms of toddler diarrhoea?

Children with toddler diarrhoea tend to grow well and still get adequate nutrition, due to the food already digested and absorbed by the time it is excreted as diarrhoea. Symptoms of toddler diarrhoea are:

If your baby or child has one or more of these symptoms described, they could have toddler diarrhoea. To talk to our dietitians to see if they can help please contact us.

What are the causes of toddler diarrhoea?

Recurrent toddler diarrhoea without a virus or bacteria infection as a cause, is nonspecific and the cause is unknown. It may be due to a change in diet or just your baby or child’s stomach is still developing and reacting to the environment. Your baby or child’s diarrhoea may also be due to an undiagnosed allergy or intolerance. Our dietitian can assess, diagnose and treat your baby or child’s intolerance or allergy if they have one.

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What do you assess for with toddler diarrhoea?

Our dietitian will assess your baby or child’s nutritional intake, growth and stool movements to try and find the dietary cause for their recurrent diarrhoea. Our dietitian will assess for any undiagnosed intolerances or allergies your baby or child may have which is causing their diarrhoea and give an individualised treatment plan according to them.

What is the treatment of toddler diarrhoea?

The treatment for toddler diarrhoea will depend on the cause. For most babies and children, the cause will be nonspecific and dietary advice will be given to try and bulk the stools and reduce their diarrhoea, whilst also preventing dehydration. For babies and children where the cause of their toddler diarrhoea is related to an intolerance or allergy, individualised allergy advice will be given to ensure this is removed from their diet whilst still receiving adequate energy or nutrients.


Our dietitian can assess, diagnose and treat your baby or child’s toddler diarrhoea and give a personalised plan to relieve some of their symptoms. To book an assessment please contact us.

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