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We offer a range of training services to a wide range of groups who are seeking nutritional support, education and training. Each training session is tailored to your individual needs, varying in length depending on the group and topic. The groups we most frequently provide training to are:


Perhaps you are part of a charity or organisation working with less fortunate families or children that require advice and education regarding healthy eating on a budget. We can help educate your staff members on this topic and they can in turn educate and inform this group of children and families they work with on a daily basis. This would help develop healthy eating patterns in children from a young age and keep them informed on the importance of adequate nutrition in achieving optimum growth and development.


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Maybe you are a principle or school teacher in a school and you have multiple children suffering from food allergies. By law you must cater for these children in providing suitable balanced school meals. We can help educate the school catering department on suitable meal options, for example cow's milk protein or wheat free school menu options.


Are you a parent with a fussy eater that is causing stress around meal times that is beginning to affect the family as a whole? We can help and support you in ensuring your child achieves optimum growth and development, but also educate you on how to manage this behaviour and stress.

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Here at The Kids Feeding Team we offer a range of training services. Although the above named areas are the areas we most frequently provide training to, our training is not limited to these. If you have another group you would like to arrange a training session for and you believe our services could be of benefit to you please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

If you would like to arrange a training session or you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us on or call 0161 820 8262.

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To speak to us about any of the treatments we provide please email call 0161 820 8262.

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