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Stress around meal times

Mealtimes can be stressful, but if you are finding that every night or every meal with your baby or child is an upheaval and it is starting to disrupt family life, we understand you may want support or guidance. Our paediatric dietitians and occupational therapists can assess your mealtime arrangements and put a plan in place to help reduce your stress and your family's stress.

If your baby or child is getting stressed around mealtimes or they have a feeding aversion or difficulty and you would like to speak to our multidisciplinary feeding team please contact us.

What are the signs my baby or child is stressed around mealtimes?

Signs that your baby or child is becoming stressed around mealtimes are:

Talk to our dietitians to see if they can help before stress of mealtimes gets worse.

What are the causes of bad behaviour and stress around mealtimes?

Bad behaviour and stress around meal times can be caused by anything and identifying the main cause can be difficult. Your baby or child may have had one bad experience of feeding or eating, for example if they were poorly and they now associate food with pain and stress. Your baby or child may be a fussy or picky eating and therefore feeding has always been a challenge so they associate feeding and mealtimes with negative situations. Our team of dietitians and occupational therapists can assess and diagnose any feeding difficulties you may be having and give an individualised treatment plan to overcome the stress of mealtimes. To speak to our team and see if we can help please contact us.

What do you assess for with stress around mealtimes?

Our multidisciplinary team will assess all aspects of your baby or child’s feeding behaviours to find the causes of their stress relating to mealtimes and make an individualised treatment plan according to their needs. Our paediatric dietitian will assess your baby or child’s nutritional intake to ensure they are getting the nutrients and energy they need to grow and develop to their full potential. To book an assessment please contact us.

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What is the treatment for stress around mealtimes?

We will assess, diagnose and treat your child according to the outcome of our assessment. Our dietitians will treat any nutritional deficiencies or weight management problems your baby or child may have through a bespoke plan to ensure they are getting the energy, vitamins and minerals they need. Our occupational therapists will treat your baby or child’s attention, behaviour and reactions to mealtimes by watching their behaviour to help relieve these. To speak to one of our team to see if we can help please contact us.


We understand that stress around mealtimes can cause a great deal of anxiety and worry in regards to your baby or child’s behaviour and their nutritional intake. Our multidisciplinary team can assess your child and give an individualised treatment plan to suit them. To book an assessment please contact us.

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