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Premature babies

Babies born prematurely are more at risk of nutritional deficiencies and feeding difficulties due to a multitude of factors. Most babies who are born prematurely are rarely without other medical conditions or problems. Our multidisciplinary team are experts in paediatric medical and neurological conditions and the associated feeding difficulties they may have.

If your baby was born premature and has feeding difficulties or nutritional problems our specialist dietitians can help. To book an assessment please contact us.

Symptoms of feeding difficulties in premature babies

Babies who are born prematurely are more likely to have food intolerances, allergies and feeding difficulties. Some symptoms of feeding difficulties and nutritional problems in premature babies are:

If your baby was born prematurely and you think it is affecting their feeding and growth, or you feel like you need extra support and guidance with their feeding, please speak to our team and contact us.

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Why do babies who were born prematurely have nutritional and feeding problems?

Preterm infants have limited stores of nutrients when born because the build-up of essential nutrients occurs predominantly during the third trimester of pregnancy; this means they are already nutritionally inadequate from birth and need specialist care to reach their full potential. Currently, there are no weaning guidelines for babies who are born prematurely so we understand the frustrations and confusions you may be experiencing with weaning your baby. Our dietitians are experts in weaning and can assess and give a treatment plan which is right for your baby. Babies who were born prematurely are more likely to have food intolerances and allergies due to them being born before their immune system is fully developed. Our dietitians can assess, diagnose and treat your baby’s food intolerance or allergy to reduce their symptoms. Our team can give you the help and guidance you need to ensure your baby reaches their full growth potential.

What treatment can you provide for premature babies with feeding difficulties?

Our specialist feeding team can assess and treat your baby according to the nutritional deficiencies and feeding problems they are experiencing. Despite your premature baby’s medical and neurological conditions they may have, our dietitian team can offer the help you need so they can reach their full growth potential. Nutritional deficiency is not inevitable in premature babies and we can give you the treatment they need to ensure they reach an adequate weight and growth. To book an assessment please contact us.

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