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Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are also available on request. These sessions are led by our dietitian and can cater for up to 5 children in one consultation.

Group therapy can be beneficial for children, parents or carers who prefer social settings and dislike the pressure of one on one attention, or thrive in supportive environments.

Topics include;

Cow's milk protein groups

We offer dietitian led groups for parents who have a baby or child with cow’s milk protein allergy. This gives families a chance to discuss and share experiences as a supportive and friendly group.

Healthy eating

Many parents struggle with what and what not to give their children for a healthy diet. Request a healthy eating group for your child plus others to ask our dietitian any questions you may have. We use these groups to educate both parents and children about healthy eating and the benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet.

Weaning advice

Weaning advice groups are a fantastic way for parents to share tips, tricks and struggles that you may have had. With a specialist paediatric dietitian on hand with extensive experience in weaning, you have the opportunity to bust any weaning myths and ask as many probing questions as you wish. As a group, you often get more in depth discussions which help everyone, especially your baby.

Fussy eaters

Parents of fussy eaters can often feel frustrated, alone and confused. You may blame yourself or be clueless as to how your baby or child has ended up with such a limited food palette. Our specialist dietitian hosts fussy eaters groups which allow parents to talk openly with others who are going through the same difficulties.

Weight management

If your child is overweight and you would like specialist dietitian support on how to combat this, we have group sessions available. We use these groups to educate both parents and children about healthy eating and the benefits of maintaining a healthier weight in the long-run. Children who are overweight or obese may feel alone and low in self esteem, but this enables them to interact with children of similar weights.

If you would like to book onto one of these groups or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us on or call 0161 820 8262.

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To refer a child to our services this can be done online, or by calling 0161 820 8262 or emailing office@kids

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