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Dietetics refers to the therapy that advises about nutrition, diet, allergies, malnutrition, feeding, weight loss, food and management of nutrition related diseases.

Dietetics, which is carried out by dietitians, translates up-to-date scientific nutrition research into practical information to empower individuals to improve their health, wellbeing and weight. Our paediatrics dietitians specialise in working with children.

The dietitians at Kids Feeding Team take into account all sociological, financial and psychological influences on a child's diet, weight and lifestyle and give bespoke advice to help children achieve health and nutrition goals.

What role does a dietitian play in a multidisciplinary feeding clinic service?

Our dietitian's role is to assess your child's diet, nutritional intake, and use objective measurements of weight and growth to ensure they are growing and developing at the optimum level. Our dietitian has a leading role within the multidisciplinary feeding service by conducting nutritional assessments and providing appropriate dietetic treatment according to the feeding or nutritional issues your child may be having. A dietitian also decides if a multidisciplinary approach would be in the best interest of the child, which could involve physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech and language therapy.

When would a child benefit from seeing the Kids Feeding Team dietitian?

A baby or child would benefit in seeing the Kids Feeding Team Dietitian if there are any concerns regarding their growth, weight, or nutritional status. Additionally parents would benefit if their child requires any specialist support and practical nutritional advice with weaning, bottle and/or breast feeding, fussiness or pickiness with food. Our specialist paediatric dietitians have experience in breastfeeding, weaning, tube feeding, tube weaning, weight management, allergies and picky eaters in both the NHS and private sector. As part of a multidisciplinary consultation, we can help make family mealtimes a happy and healthy occasion. If your infant or child is struggling with feeding at any stage of their feeding development, Kids Feeding Team can help with this. We understand that your child may not fit the NHS criteria for a paediatric dietitian and the waiting lists are lengthy, therefore, at Kids Feeding Team we provide immediate access to experienced dietitians.

How does a dietitian help children with nutritional or eating issues?

A paediatric dietitian aims to improve the nutritional status of a child by assessing their nutritional intake, nutritional status and then resolving the feeding issues the child is experiencing via bespoke, practical methods. These methods will depend on the nutritional problem, age and barriers that are withholding your child's feeding development. Our dietitian will work with your family and child to set goals to improve their eating or allergies and ensure they are receiving a nutritionally complete diet.

Meet Niamh...

Niamh is our committed Specialist Paediatric Dietitian who has experience in both the NHS and private sectors. She understands the complex needs of each individual child and their family to provide patient centred care which is results-focused, evidence based and personable.

Which common conditions can dietetic therapy assist with?

A dietitian can treat any child where there are concerns regarding their energy, calorie or nutritional intake. Here are some examples of conditions we can help with:

  • Low body weight or malnourishment
  • Weight management (if you're worried your child may be overweight or obese)
  • Faltering growth
  • Bottle feeding and breastfeeding
  • Weaning and/or complementary feeding
  • Improvement of diet (generically)
  • Fussy eating or picky eaters
  • Tube weaning
  • Allergies and intolerances: lactose intolerance, cow's milk protein allergy, coeliac disease, nut allergies, wheat allergy and intolerances, egg intolerance
  • Digestive problems
  • Diet related eczema

If your concern isn't listed on here but you think we could be able to help, let us know. For more information find out about what we treat.

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To refer a child to our services this can be done online, or by calling 0161 820 8262 or emailing office@kids

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What does a dietetic assessment involve?

In the initial dietetic assessment, the dietitian will establish a relationship with you and your child; allowing to to explain the problems your child is having with their eating. The assessment will involve measuring the child's growth, weight, nutritional intake through dietary recalls, fluid balance, regularity of stools and barriers to feeding. Any previous medical history, growth charts or information you have will come in handy. The root cause may be an individual problem or something that can be worked on as a family. The dietitian will be able to give practical food, lifestyle and behavioural advice to help improve your child's growth and way of life.

What type of dietetic treatment is available for children with nutritional or eating issues?

Our dietetic assessment and treatment varies according to the nutritional or eating issue your baby or child is experiencing. Our treatment involves assessing the diet history and working together to implant a feeding plan which suits your family's lifestyle, culture and beliefs. We offer educative services of one-to-one, family or group therapy depending on what works for you. The dietitian will advise if they think your child needs a multidisciplinary service where physiotherapists, speech and language and occupational therapists are included in the consultations if dietetics therapy in isolation will suffice.

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Our dietitians here at Kids Feeding Team use up-to-date evidence to ensure your child gets the highest quality dietetic care possible. Additionally, we can offer a multidisciplinary service of health professionals if it is appropriate for your child. Our experienced dietitian can and improve the nutritional status with bespoke feeding plans assess and treat your child even if they do not meet the criteria to see an NHS dietitian. Our multidisciplinary team will try to alleviate the physical and nutritional problems so your child can feed to their best ability and withhold any nutritional problems that may occur. If you think your child would benefit from seeing our feeding team dietitian please contact us.

Make a referral

To refer a child to our services this can be done online, or by calling 0161 820 8262 or emailing office@kids

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