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The biggest misconception about physical activity

In school there is often a big divide… the kids that love any and every type of sport meaning P.E. is one of their favourite subjects… then those who loathe their weekly hour of torture and will come up with the most innovative excuses to get out of it, (besides my dinosaur ate it). The […]

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New weaning guidelines

For many years there has been debate surrounding weaning, complementary feeding and the types of food that we should introduce to our babies (in particular, potentially allergenic foods such as wheat, peanuts, eggs, fish and gluten). Recently there has been new ESPGHAN guidelines (The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition). Here, we aim […]

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Four tips to successful weaning

The day your baby has their first taste of solid food is a big day for everyone! Once you start seeing the signs that your baby needs something other than milk (between 4 and 6 months) you can start to introduce new flavours in the form of solid food. Weaning can be fun, but you’ll […]

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Brexit effects on food shops

Ah Brexit, the topic of which can turn the bestest of friends to mortal enemies in a matter of minutes. However, whether we like it or not, the fact is that Brexit is going to happen and it’s going to affect our economy. Positively or negatively? No one seems to be sure. But as parents […]

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5 signs you’re a nutritional role model for your child (or maybe you have some work to do and need some tips!)

As parents, we invest a lot in our children…. time, money, and some blood, sweat and tears too I’m sure. Adult healthy eating habits are a consummation of a lifetime of learnt behaviour, starting as a child. Being a parent we are likely the number one role model in our child’s life (besides Spiderman or […]

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